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Unidirectional Carbon fiber fabric

Unidirectional Carbon fiber fabric

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Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:ANJIE/NCE
Model Number:AJ20T-AJ60T
Certification:ISO, CE & SGS
Minimum Order Quantity:100 m2
Packaging Details:Depends on products weight, width and roll length**
Delivery Time:5-15 days
Payment Terms:Bank TT/LC/Paypal/Credit Card/Local RMB payment
Supply Ability:10000m2/week


Unidirectional (UD) Carbon fiber fabric, also known as carbon fiber wrap, is a type of textile material composed of carbon fibers arranged in a single direction. UD carbon fiber fabric provides exceptional strength and stiffness along the fiber direction, making it ideal for applications requiring high tensile or flexural strength in specific directions. It has become increasingly popular in the construction industry due to its unique properties and advantages.

One of the primary uses of carbon wrap in the construction industry is for structural reinforcement and repair. Carbon fabric can be used to strengthen and reinforce concrete, masonry, steel, and wood structures. It can also be used to repair and restore existing structures that have been damaged due to structural issues or natural disasters.


① Reinforcement of Concrete Structures

②Strengthening of Steel Structures:

③ Masonry Reinforcement

④Strengthening of Timber Structures

⑤ Bridge Deck Strengthening

⑥ Prefabricated Structural Elements

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No.Fiber TypeTensile Strength (Mpa)Weight (gsm)Thickness (mm)Width (mm)


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