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Carbon fiber Laminates / Plate

Carbon fiber Laminates / Plate

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Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:ANJIE/NCE
Model Number:CJB
Certification:ISO, CE & SGS
Minimum Order Quantity:100 m
Packaging Details:***
Delivery Time:5-15 days
Payment Terms:Bank TT/LC/Paypal/Credit Card/Local RMB payment
Supply Ability:10000m/week


Carbon fiber laminates / Plate are typically made by pressing multiple layers of carbon fiber fabric or unidirectional carbon fiber together under high pressure and temperature using a high-strength epoxy resin. Carbon fiber laminates are increasingly being used in construction applications as a strengthening material due to their high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent stiffness, and durability. They are typically used to reinforce structures such as concrete, masonry, or steel that require additional support to withstand heavy loads, seismic forces, or other stresses.

In concrete structures, carbon fiber plates are commonly used to increase the flexural strength, shear strength and stiffness of beams, columns and slabs. In masonry structures, carbon fiber plates are used to reinforce walls and improve their resistance to seismic and wind loads. In steel structures, carbon fiber plates can be used to reinforce steel members and increase their load-carrying capacity. They can be anchored to the surface of the steel using mechanical fasteners, adhesive anchors, or a combination of both.


①Reinforcement of Concrete Structures

②Strengthening of Steel Structures:

③Masonry Reinforcement

④Strengthening of Timber Structures

⑤Bridge Deck Strengthening

⑥Prefabricated Structural Elements and More

Competitive Advantage:

Customized Production

Project based solutions

Project technical support

Experienced stuff

Operational Efficiency/shorter lead time

Best factory price

Sample services

Thickness:1.2 MM 1.4 MM I 2 MM I 3 MM
Tensile strength:≥2400 MPA
Tensile modulus:≥200 GPA
Width:5 CM I 10 CM I 20 CM
Length:50 M I 100 M


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