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Carbon fiber powder

Carbon fiber powder

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Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:ANJIE/NCE
Model Number:CJCFP
Certification:ISO, CE & SGS
Minimum Order Quantity:300 kgs
Packaging Details:***
Delivery Time:5-15 days
Payment Terms:Bank TT/LC/Paypal/Credit Card/Local RMB payment
Supply Ability:1000kgs /Month


Carbon fiber powder, also known as carbon fiber filler or carbon fiber dust, refers to a fine form of carbon fiber that is typically in powdered or particulate form. It is produced by grinding or milling carbon fiber strands or fabrics into small particles, resulting in a fine powder with varying particle sizes.


It is commonly used in the production of conductive coatings, electromagnetic shielding, conductive adhesives, battery electrodes, and conductive inks for printed electronics. It can also be incorporated into polymer composites to enhance their strength, electrical conductivity, and thermal stability.

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Sample services

NoTest ItemTest DataRange
1Carbon content (%)98%≥95.0%
2Cellosilk Diameter7.0-15μm7.0-15μm
3Tensile Strength3600Mpa3000-3800Mpa
4Stretch Modulus Resistance2700Mpa2200-2800Mpa
6Electric Conductivity1.5*10-31.5*10-3


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