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Prestressed Fiber rebar reinforcement

Prestressed Fiber rebar reinforcement

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Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:ANJIE/NCE
Model Number:CJFRP
Certification:ISO, CE & SGS
Minimum Order Quantity:3000m
Packaging Details:***
Delivery Time:5-15 days
Payment Terms:Bank TT/LC/Paypal/Credit Card/Local RMB payment
Supply Ability:10000m/week


The prestressed fiber rebar reinforcement system is a method used to strengthen and enhance the load-carrying capacity of structures using fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) rebar. This system involves the installation of FRP rebar in a structure and applying pre-tensioning forces to the rebar before bonding them to the substrate. The FRP rebar, typically made of high-strength fibers such as Carbon, Basalt or Glass, is manufactured in various diameters and lengths to suit different


During installation, the FRP rebar is placed in the desired location within the structure, such as in concrete or masonry elements. Tensioning devices, such as hydraulic jacks, are then used to apply an initial tension load to the rebar. This pre-tensioning process generates compressive forces within the rebar, allowing it to resist external loads and enhance the structural capacity.

①Reinforcement of Concrete Structures

②Strengthening of Steel Structures:

③Masonry Reinforcement

④Strengthening of Timber Structures

⑤Bridge Deck Strengthening

⑥Prefabricated Structural Elements and More

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