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Glass Fiber rock bolt

Glass Fiber rock bolt

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Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:ANJIE/NCE
Model Number:GFRP
Certification:ISO & SGS
Minimum Order Quantity:1 ton/100sets
Packaging Details:***
Delivery Time:5-15 days
Payment Terms:Bank TT/LC/Paypal/Credit Card/Local RMB payment
Supply Ability:5 ton/week


GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) rock bolts are specialized structural elements used in geotechnical and mining applications to reinforce and stabilize rock masses. They are made of high-strength glass fibers embedded in a polymer resin matrix, typically epoxy or vinyl ester.

One of the significant advantages of GFRP rock bolts is their excellent corrosion resistance. Unlike traditional steel bolts, which are susceptible to corrosion when exposed to moisture, chemicals, or harsh environments, GFRP rock bolts are non-metallic and do not rust. This property ensures long-term durability and reduces the need for maintenance or replacement.

GFRP rock bolts can be installed using various techniques, depending on the specific application and geological conditions. Common installation methods include resin anchoring, grouting, or mechanical anchoring. Proper installation ensures effective load transfer from the rock mass to the bolt.


Ground Support in Mining and Tunneling:Utilized as rock bolts to reinforce and stabilize rock formations, ensuring safety and structural integrity in mining and tunnel construction.

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RodSurfaceUniform appearance, no bubble and flaw
Nominal diameter(mm)1820222427
Tensile Load (kN)160210250280350
Tensile strength (MPa)600600600600600
Shearing strength (MPa)150150150150150
Torsion (Nm)4570100150200
Antistatic (Ω)3*10^73*10^73*10^73*10^73*10^7
flame resistanceFlamingsum of six(s)6<=6<=6<=6<=6<=6
Maximum (s)<=2<=2<=2<=2<=2
Flameless burningsum of six(s)6<=60<=60<=60<=60<=60
Maximum (s)<=12<=12<=12<=12<=12
PlatePlate Load Strength (kN)708090100110
Central Diameter (mm)28±128±128±128±128±1
NutNut Load Strength (kN)708090100110


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