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Non-woven activated carbon fiber cloth

Benefits of Non-Woven Activated Carbon Fiber Cloth. Non-Woven Activated Carbon Fiber Cloth be an revolutionary and unique product which has several benefits. Produced from Anjie non-woven activated carbon fiber cloth  provides performance  superior properties that make it a product  favored various applications. Here are some of its benefits being primary.


One advantage  significant of Non-Woven Activated Carbon Fiber Cloth is its consumption  improved and abilities. It's porosity  high area that let it take in and filter various impurities, chemicals, and toxins efficiently. An additional benefit of non-woven activated carbon fiber fabric is its excellent adsorption properties. It can remove odors that are unpleasant volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other harmful substances with ease. Its carbon  activated fiber to neutralize the impurities by keeping them within its skin pores. Non-woven carbon  activated cloth is easy to clean and reuse. Anjie Non crimp carbon fiber fabric may be washed and dried out multiple times, rendering it a remedy  filtration  cost-effective consumption requirements.

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