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Biaxial Carbon Fiber fabric

What is Biaxial Carbon Fiber fabric? 

Biaxial Carbon Fiber Fabric a sort of manufactured material from carbon fibers that have been woven together, along with Anjie's product inject epoxy concrete crack repair. Carbon fibers are incredibly strong, lightweight, and have a unique look means they are stand out. Biaxial refers to your real way that the fibers is woven together, with two directions of fibers running perpendicular to each other. This produces a strong material in two directions, and allows for better control during production.

Advantages of Biaxial Carbon Fiber fabric

Biaxial Carbon Fiber fabric has advantages being several other materials, also the Fiberglass geo grid made by Anjie. One of the primary importance is it is strength-to-weight ratio. It is extremely lightweight, yet has the potency of steel. This renders it an ideal material usage in a variety of applications, from automotive to aerospace. It was also very durable, and can withstand high conditions and extreme weather.

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