Unidirectional fabric series were widely used

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Unidirectional fabric series were used in aerospace,building reinforcement and so on. The basic steps of project operation as below:
• 1.concrete surface preparation, crack repair, leak stop, get rid of the aged, loose
concrete part
• •2. brush primer (0.2-0.4kg/m2)
• • 3.base surface preparation( putty 1.0-1.5kg/m2)
• • 4.brush epoxy resin on the surface(0.4-0.5kg/m2)
• • 5.stick the carbon fiber fabric onto structure
• • 6.saturate the fabric by brushing epoxy resin along the fabric, ensure that there is nobubble existing in the composite matrix( very crucial) 0.1-0.2kg/m2
• •7.if more following carbon fiber fabric layer, brush 4-6times each layer
• 8.FRP wrap operation is completed, however, keep the structure from any impactduring the following 24hrs


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